Wrapping Papers

It’s that time of the year again! This post is dedicated to my illustrated patterns and wrapping papers.

You can find wrapping papers with my illustrations over at the Society6 store. The paper is thick and durable with a matte finish, and I would personally recommend it for your craft projects in addition to wrapping beautiful gifts.

My newest wrapping paper design is Dream with Dancing Trees. Little cottages amongst trees and stars are some of my favourite subjects to draw, so naturally I wanted to make a pattern with them. I drew the illustration by hand with ink and coloured it digitally.

This wrapping paper has been around for a while, but I recently purchased it from Society6 to test the quality and to take some promo photos for my social media – and I must say I’m very pleased with how it turned out!

I’ve tested and photographed my other Society6 wrapping papers as well, and have always been very happy with the quality. Scroll down to see more of my photos and stories behind the illustrations.

Here’s something for those of you who love fantasy and fairytale as much as I! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive a lovely piece of fantasy literature wrapped in a classic hand-drawn fantasy landscape? In fact, the Dragons of the Magic wrapping paper has been one of my most popular stationery items all-time.

I used to work as a book illustrator, creating book covers and custom maps for various fantasy novels. I always enjoyed drawing the imaginary maps, as well as seeing intricate map illustrations on the endpapers of other fantasy books that I read. That is also what inspired me to make a map-like landscape pattern with flying dragons and fairytale castles.

Another subject that’s always fun to draw is mushrooms and little forest details! That’s what the Forest wrapping paper is all about. The illustrations were drawn with coloured pencils on black paper. I made this pattern originally as a commission for the Finnish Illustration Association.

By the way, if you like the Forest design featured above, you might want to check out Mushrooms wrapping paper as well, which is an older pattern I did with very similar style and medium.

I also have some wrapping paper designs that don’t give wintery vibes, which makes them particularly suitable for wrapping presents on all kinds of occasions around the year.

Fox Moon wrapping paper features a curious fox and lil’ bunny in gentle pastel shades, and Midnight Garden wrapping paper has a pattern with a night-time atmosphere with delicate trees and white horsies. Click on the images to take a closer look:

One of my personal favourites is of course the Foggy Birds wrapping paper, photographed below. This pattern is based on one of my paintings that I originally published in the Woodlands art book. I guarantee it will give your packaging the most dreamy and whimsical atmosphere. ♥

You can buy all of the products featured in this post at the Society6 store. Society6 print-on-demand store is based in the United States.

Shipping is available worldwide, however note that if you are not in the US, delivery time may take a bit longer – it’s a good idea to prepare for at least a month’s delivery time for international orders.

Happy Wrapping!

Text, illustrations and photography © Ulla Thynell