List of books and other publications illustrated by Ulla Thynell.


Ulla Thynell: A Month of Ink
Art book by Ulla Thynell, 2019.

Chronicle Books (ed.): Nordic Tales
Illustrations for a book of traditional folktales.
Chronicle Books, 2019.

Ulla Thynell: Dusk Magic
Colouring art book by Ulla Thynell, 2019.

Ulla Thynell: Woodlands
Art book by Ulla Thynell, 2018.

E.D.E. Bell: Diamondsong, books 1–10
Fantasy map illustration.
Atthis Arts, 2018–2020.

Kyle Hedge: Fyre Fang
Fantasy map illustration.
Xlibris, 2017.

Honegger & Mann (eds.): Laughter in Middle-earth:
Humour in and around the Works of JRR Tolkien
Illustration contribution with several other artists.
Walking Tree Publishers, 2016.

V. M. Toivonen: Mimirin lähde
(Matka Asgårdiin, toinen kirja)
Fantasy map, illustrations and cover.
Aurinko Kustannus, 2016.

Croft & Donovan (eds.): Perilous and Fair:
Women in the Works and Life of J.R.R. Tolkien
Cover illustration.
Mythopoeic Press, 2015.

V. M. Toivonen: Fimbul-talvi
(Matka Asgårdiin, ensimmäinen kirja)
Fantasy map, illustrations and cover.
Aurinko Kustannus, 2014.

Pertti Pietarinen: Kissa Kiiskinen sankarina ja muita satuja
Illustrations for a children’s storybook.
Aurinko Kustannus, 2014.

Marjatta Rohila: Traktori, tietoa ja tehtäviä
Illustrations and activity pages for a children’s activity book.
Aurinko Kustannus, 2013.

Latostenmaa & Rytisalo: Menään onkimaan!
Lapsen oma kalakirja.
Illustrations for a children’s book.
Minerva Publishing, 2013.

Magazine illustrations & other media

“Jaarhoroscoop 2020”,, issue 4/2019.
Illustrations in a horoscope article in Happy Kids
Winter Edition for the Happinez magazine (Netherlands).

“Luonnoksesta kuvaksi”, Kuvittaja, issue 2/2019.
Article on watercolour illustration process.

Heportteri, issue 1/2019.
Interview and featured illustrations, including the cover.

Earth Island Journal, Autumn issue, 2018.
Editorial illustration for an environmental magazine.

Art Quarter, Dpi Magazine, vol 17 (2018).
Artist feature with an interview and illustrations.

“Illustrating in watercolor with Ulla Thynell” , Graphite, 6/2018.
Tutorial article with illustrations and photography.

Graphite magazine, issue 5/2017.
Artist feature on the gallery section.

Season Isle, Pinna Audio 2017.
Show art commission for a children’s podcast.

Luetko sinä? 2017, Several Finnish newspapers 9/2017.
Illustrations for a short story “Rakkaudesta Lajiin”.

Luetko sinä? 2016, Several Finnish newspapers 9/2016.
Illustrations for a short story “Hihnan päässä elämä”.

Toimitusvaltaus! Ja yhdeksän muuta mediakasvatusprojektia 8/2016.
Design and illustrations for a publication by The Finnish Newspapers Association.

Ota sanomalehti osaksi opetusta! 8/2016.
Design and illustrations for a brochure by The Finnish Newspapers Association

Sanomalehti opetuksessa, 2016.
Website illustrations for The Finnish Newspapers Association.

Koululainen 9/2015.
Article about mythological beasts, activity pages and illustrations.

ImagineFX, issue 122, 2015.
Artist feature.

Halifirien, issue 35, 2014.
Cover illustration and art feature.

Aiglos, issue 19, 2014.

Poljin 4/2013.
Editorial illustration.

Minervan Pöllö 2–4/2008.
Illustrations, including magazine cover.