Fantasy maps

These are fantasy maps I’ve designed and illustrated.

Midgård: For the book Fimbul-talvi (V.M. Toivonen / Aurinko, 2014).
Jotunheimr: For the book Mimirin lähde (V.M. Toivonen / Aurinko, 2016).
Nidavellir: For Ginnungagabin riimut (V.M. Toivonen / Aurinko, coming).
Ada-ji: For the Diamondsong series (E.D.E. Bell / Atthis Arts, 2018).
For the book Fyre Fang (Kyle Hedge / Xlibris, 2017).
Season Isle: Show art for a podcast in Pinna Audio (Panoply Media / 2017).
Uni Versus Maa: Personal work (2016).