New Paintings

I recently made two new paintings: Hideaway and Heart Tree. They were both painted traditionally with calligraphy inks, along with some coloured pencils for the details. Decided to photograph the finished paintings with the first tulips of the year.


Hideaway was inspired by the constant need for an escape, as well as the anticipation of spring – the fragile veils of new life spreading accross the forest in the early spring, and then the sudden strong splashes of colour once spring starts turning into a summer.

Heart Tree

The other piece, Heart Tree, is simply a homage to the deep melancholy of quiet nights. One of the themes I keep revisiting, over and over again.


For those interested in this medium and the tools that I used: I made the paintings with pigmented calligraphy inks (Rohrer & Klingner) using wet-on-wet technique, and I drew the final details with Luminance 6901 coloured pencils (Caran d’Ache).

All images and artwork © Ulla Thynell