Fairy Tale

This post features my newest piece, Fairy Tale. As always, it’s available as prints on Society6.

I just want to say this to those of you who want to draw but are insecure: Draw for yourself – draw like nobody’s watching.

Drawing is an adventure. It’s like a winding path to follow in the dark, beautiful woods, not certain where it leads you. Often you just want to step on the same, safe path over and over again, especially when you are weary and seek to comfort and soothe your mind.

This is all right. You can take the gentle route as often as you need.

Other times you will want to explore the unknown, to follow a flickering shadow into the depths, or to climb on the top of a hill to meet the moon.

If you’re not careful you may even end up thigh-deep in the swamp at times.

But it’ll be okay. You’ll panic for a bit, but then you will get up again, go home, and return to the forest the next day. Not necessarily because you have to find your way through it, but because you love it. You love the woods itself.

Fairy Tale is mixed media illustration: drawn traditionally on paper with black ink, and then coloured digitally. You can purchase it as art prints, posters, wall tapestries, jigsaw puzzles, notebooks and other nice items over at my Society6 store.

Society6 is a print-on-demand company based in the USA, and they ship orders worldwide. Click here to view all the available products with this illustration.

All text, images and artwork © Ulla Thynell